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                         New Agrochemical Industry


The new agrochemical business of Lutianhua Group is oriented to setup of specialized platform to link terminal users and expand market coverage. To this end, Lutianhua Group has established its subsidiaries Lutianhua Agricultural Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd. and Zhongkang Agricultural Testing Co., Ltd. for provision of agrochemical testing service, supply of microbial fertilizer and soil remediation agent in cooperation with strategic partners. With this approach, a new agrochemical business mode is established, which will speed up transformation and upgrade of conventional fertilizer business into new agrochemical business practices.


Lutianhua Agricultural Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd. adopts the “hospital + pharmacy” business mode, being interested openly in forming an alliance with all superior industry players that are dedicated to establishment of eco-agriculture.


Agrotechnical Field Service



Luzhou Zhongkang Agricultural Testing Co., Ltd. is engaged in testing of quality of agricultural inputs, farm products, crops and foodstuffs, testing of agricultural and industrial soil environment, water quality and air quality, testing of organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other fertilization inputs. Testing activities cover agricultural test, chemical raw and auxiliary material test, product test as well as environmental monitor. The company has 3 Ph.D. staffs, 3 senior engineers, 19 technicians and over 200 testing personnel. The staffs of the company have won dozens of testing skill competition awards in China, such as the First Place of National Skill Competition, the First Place of Sichuan Provincial Skill Competition and the First Place of Luzhou Municipal Skill Competition. The lab of the company has a floor area of 2,100m2, equipped with inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, GCMS, ion chromatography, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, automatic azotometer and laser diffractometer. The lab is capable of making continuous detection of over 70 elements with precision of 10-12.


Utilizing Lutianhua Group as a platform, which is supported by the postdoctoral program workstation and the national technical center, Luzhou Zhongkang Agricultural Testing Co., Ltd. has conducted large amount of new product and technology researches, having participated over the last 2 years in some 20 research programs and applications covering humic acid-based novel urea formulation, functional microorganism fertilizer, organic microorganism strain selection and functional test, soil remediation technique, trace element-based crop quality improvement.

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