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                       New Environmental Industry


Relying on 60-year professional experience of Lutianhua Group in the fields of chemical industry and environmental protection, Lutianhua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is combined with Mcwong Environmental and Energy Group and good at the difficult wastewater treatment of industrial sector, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry, the disposal and recycling of urban and rural domestic sewage and sludge, and soil pollution control and restoration, through cooperation with domestic and foreign top research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China University of Petroleum, and Berlin Biomass Energy Co., Ltd.






Lutianhua-McWong Huidongqiao Integration Project


The company is mainly engaged in the integrated services of industrial wastewater and municipal domestic sewage treatment, water reuse, and zero-emission projects from design and construction to commissioning and operation, and the comprehensive utilization and treatment of various urban and rural domestic garbage, industrial and agricultural waste and hazardous waste, as well as soil remediation, environmental protection and monitoring, environmental pollution control and other environmental services.


The company has long been committed to the development of green environmental protection industry projects. It has an experienced and dedicated expert team and an engineering team with advanced technology. It adheres to the development concept that is supported by technology and service and integrating introduction with innovation, in order to provide customers with the most valuable environmental technology products and technical services.




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